Sunday, February 20, 2005

Batik using Setacolor black paint

I have always loved the crackle created by doing batik, but have never liked working with the wax, in particular - getting it out of the fabric. I found a recipe for creating the batik crackle effect using a flour paste. Use 1 cup plus 3T of flour mixed with 1 cup of water. Mix well and paint on stretched fabric. Let dry overnight still on stretchers. Remove and crunch to create the crackle. On this piece of fabric I painted the dried and cracked paste with Setacolor black paint diluted 50% with water.


Claire said...

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for discribing your technique. I've been meaning to try potato dextrin... but I don't have any LOL

Maybe the flour technique will work for me.


arlee said...

OH MAN now *another* technique i have to try! Sigh, such a glut of ideas i'm getting......

Mandi said...

fantastic idea! I've tried batik, but hated the removal, too.
Do you like the Setacolor paints? I've got some. They aren't my favorite. I'm considering buying some Jacquard Textile paint. Maybe I'll like them more.