Thursday, March 17, 2005

Close up of satin stitch binding

Ask and you shall receive - here's a close up of the satin stitch binding.

Exciting news - I'm going to France and Belgium for 2 weeks in April! My friend was selected to participate in an artist exchange with her town's sister city in France and since her husband can't go with her, she has invited me. Ten days in and around Paris, then 4 days in Belium visiting another friend, Linda.


Gerrie said...

Thanks for the close up. Looks fantastic. I'm assuming you used red thread on the red edges. That is great that you get to go to Europe with your friend. I assume you are visiting Linda Colsh in Belgium!

Maggie said...

Your quilting is very beautiful!! I also had a look at "Summer Solstice". Incredible!!!

You are so fortunate to be going to France and Belgium!!

I'm in the process of making my first quilt.

Karoda said...

Wow! how exciting about the trip!

Rayna said...

Hooted at the baby quilt, Cathy -- because as out of character as it is for us, there is something very zen about what Helene calls 'therapy sewing.' Mindless piecing, and necessary once in a while to keep us sane. My "gates" quilts served the same function, sort of.

Sandra said...

How exciting about the trip! I live 25 minutes or so away from Paris, we should meet up!