Friday, March 04, 2005

The mess on the work table

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This is what my work area looks like at the moment. I've cut circles and squares out of pieces and have just thrown the rest into a pile. I'll sort it out before going on to the next step. Have you ever heard of the "2 square feet" theory? No matter how large your table/work space is, you will only have 2 square feet available in which to work because the rest will be filled up with stuff.

I've been doing these layered circles cut into quarters for years, since at least 1999. My HIVE section was entirely these blocks. Sixty four 12" square blocks, I think I overdosed on the circles and didn't make them again for a long while. But now I've come back full circle (ha ha).

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arlee said...

yep 2 sq feeet to work in and many many 2 sq foot piles of things! (with 2 ft sq piles on the piles also:>)