Saturday, March 05, 2005

Working the circles

This is the first iteration. Quartered the blocks and just set them as nine circles. This is pretty static.

Now I've mixed the blocks up a little by turning some so the circles are less like circles. This is more interesting.

A little more moving around, and a block substitute down in the lower left hand - took out a quarter circle and put in a whole circle. This has to sit and percolate for a while so I'm leaving it.

These colors are weird for me, much more blue and green than I usually use. And so far there's no red or orange. But that may change.


Mrs. Mel said...

With all the pattern going on in the fabric, I think the first picture is the most satisfying. Hopefully you can keep the space between shapes as a clarifier. Y'now, replacing the white background with a solid so that the pieces remain unattached. It's that white space that works as the cohesive structural element.
IN my humble opinion.

teri springer said...

Gotta go with Mel on this. I like the first one best..and maybe with a little more space. Not sure what would work as the "white space" color-wise....but all the blue and green and yellow seem to be same value...all pretty medium. You need something really dark to make it pop or something light and/or bright...And, as much as I love your use of the reds and oranges, I find this a nice change. It's funny, you and Mel have been responsible for getting me to use more reds and oranges instead of my normal blues and greens and here you are using what I would normally work with...

Thanks for your good influence!!



Cathy Kleeman said...

Well, thanks for the comments. Now that I look back at all three pictures, I agree with you all. There is too much pattern to start messing with the design so much. It just becomes a jumble. So this idea struck me in the middle of the night on how to go back to the first set of circles but to make it a little less predictable. Watch this space....