Saturday, June 11, 2005

Day 1 of class

Table at 9am

Here's my table before I started doing anything. I'm in Leslie Gabrielse's class and we're doing applique the way he does it. Starts with a crinoline backing, puts the batting on top of that, then starts putting down fabric. He cuts away the behind stuff by pulling up the top layers. It's not intuitive for me and a bit frustrating.

Table at 4pm

Here's my table at the end of the day, not too messy, but I've cleaned it off a bit. During the morning we did stenciling from simple paper shapes, then in the afternoon worked with fabric creating a composition. I'm using some simple shapes (paintcan and paintbrush) but making them with some wild prints. I'm not real confident that it's going to pull itself together in the end. You have to use your imagination to turn those blobs of fabric into a paintcan. See for yourself.

Paintcan and brush

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teri springer said...

I do note you are "well fueled." I count, what is it, 3 coffee cups???

teri...still packing.