Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday - Fran Skiles class

The University Plaza Hotel is very accommodating. They set up all the rooms with big tables, cover the floor with plastic, serve pretty decent meals (this year we get a glass of wine with dinner!), and are always looking for ways to help us out. One of the required materials for our class was cotton duck, and if you forgot yours, why, the hotel had some duck just waiting for you :)

Mama Duck

Here is our classroom. You can see we are all quite busy working away, getting our hands into the paint and gel medium. It's sort of like thick Elmer's Glue and you can tell who has been in Fran's class because they're picking dried medium off their fingers all day long.


We took our black duck and made a "construction" out of it, sewing a pleat and inserting some cutouts. These will be providing texture to the piece later on in the week, but that's about all I know about it. I think this picture will be a little hard to see since it's very black and I could have taken a picture of one of the white ones, but this is what was up on the board. The white lines are big embroidery stitches, also to provide texture.

Black construction

We brought oodles of xerox copies both color and black/white. We sewed pieces of the copies together to make a collage, but it's a mystery what this might be for. We'll all have to wait until later in the week to find out.


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Gerrie said...

This is goiing to be fun. I need to take a class with her. I will be checking back to see what comes next and what happens to the totally cool collage.