Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blog changes

Visiting random links to other members of the Artful Quilters Web Ring showed me stuff I wanted on my site. Debra Roby had a little button that shows the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moon set in her area. A natural for someone who is obsessed with the amount of light. So I got one for my own site. Now I can keep an even closer eye on astronomical things.

I also was impressed with the blogrolls that show when people have updated their blogs. Found one of those at Blogrolling You can put a link on your browser toolbar and when you land on a page you want to add to your Blogroll, click on the toolbar link, fill in the information in the box and Voila! automatically added to your Blogroll. I've been visiting the places I usually visit and adding them. If you want your blog added and it isn't already, just let me know.

Tomorrow I'm going to New York City for the weekend. Four Chicks, no guys. So we can do exactly what we want, i.e. visit art museums and cool stuff like that. I'm not a shopper so that's not on my list, unless we happen upon some fabric store or art supply store. The weather is supposed to be warm (50s and 60s) and maybe rainy, but that's better than cold and rainy, or horrors! snow.


Lisa Call said...

looks great but something you did ended up creating invalid xml in your rss feed. The Wizz RSS reader plugin for firefox refuses to serve me up your feed now!

Lisa Call said...

Look at your feed:

It's not healthy!

Rayna said...

I have a blogarithm button that lets me subscribe to anything I want.

NY is supposed to be in the 70's for the weekend, I hear. No fabric stores except for City Quilter (which you don't need) and the garmentos. It might be worth a trip on the subway to Canal St. to visit the original Pearl Paint - at least 5 floors of art supplies.
Where are you staying?