Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New work

I actually have done some art work lately, although not much. It's too easy to get sidetracked. Here is a study for a larger piece that is on the design wall. This little piece is about 12" x 12" and the foreground fabrics are some of my recent soy wax experiments.

I'm always in a quandry about what design to use for quilting. The stitching either gets lost or it shows up too much. When you get far enough away, it can't be seen, so what's the point? I think I'm being overcome by indecision.

This weekend is my semi-annual quilt weekend at a retreat center south of Annapolis, Maryland. It's on the banks of the West River and the view is stunning. Except we're mostly inside absorbed with projects and never really notice it. Elizabeth, Martha, Floris, Dale, Linda, Mary Beth, and I will keep the lights burning, the sewing machines humming, and the iron hot pretty much 24/7.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Cathy,

The quilting can make a huge difference to a piece. I usually let the quilt "speak" to me about a suitable design. Enjoy your retreat.

Debra said...


I expect a lot from my quilting. It must either compliment the design (curved on a linear design) or exaggerate it (linear superimposed on a linear design) or add another element of the concept (leaf and bark shapes on "tree colored" squares).

I think that the general design is what a person sees from a distance. The fabrics then pull the person to a mid-distance and the quilting is the reason to come in close. So I try to design for the distances.

Mrs. Mel said...

I hate the quilting part. I love the finished top pinned to my wall and wish that was all I had to do.

This small piece is very very inspiring to me. Perhaps I have a 12" quilt in me today?

Deborah said...

Excellent! It's great. I think the quilting is great. I think it's even harder to decide what to do on a small quilt. But you made perfect choices here.

mary m. said...

I agree with Deb...the quilting here is just right. Your batiked fabrics work so well with the hand-dyes. Love your design.