Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good and sort of good news

I finally heard from the Art Committee at Purdue University. In early January I submitted a proposal for a piece for their Art in the Classroom project. I sent them a sample of what the fabrics would look like with the screened images.
So I got a phone call the other day with the nicest rejection I've ever had. They loved the proposal, and really wanted the work, but because the building is flooded with sunlight and they didn't want to have to put the piece behind plexiglas, they decided to turn it down. But the good news is that there is money coming available for art for another building that is not so sun drenched and they want to just move my proposal over for that building's art. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And I have a piece that's going into the Journal Quilt Project Book. I only did the Journals one time, in 2003, and so I could only submit one entry, but they took it. It's my July piece. I've always visualized the months as colors, and July is red because it's hot. The fabrics are hand dyed by moi, as are the pearl cotton threads used for some of the hand stitching. The sun image is gold foiled with adhesive screened through a thermofax, and then foiling with gold with an iron.

And lastly, this is the view from my window. The first daffodil has bloomed in the garden.

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mary m. said...

Yep, that says July, for sure. Very balanced composition. It's HOT!