Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More wax

I now have 2 tjaps that I got from Dharma Trading Company. They are really cool and it makes me want more. Except that they are quite expensive, so I think I will have to space out my purchases. This time I used dyes instead of paints. And after reading an article about using soy wax and how it is water soluble and how dye sitting on top of the wax will eventually works its way down onto the fabric, I was very careful to wipe any extra dye off the wax. There was some staining, which is okay, I like that effect. The original piece of fabric was already blue, so that's where most of the color in the design comes from.

The above tjap is about 6" in diameter. Looks like a sun image to me, but then I like sun images.

And this one is about 8" x 6". Depending on the direction from which you view this, it could be a bird (sort of) or it could just be a bunch of scribble designs. The original color of this fabric was blue also, and then I painted it with an orange which obviously was more yellow than orange.

Next I wanted to test how well thickened dye would stay in place when the areas are enclosed by wax. The thickened dye was about the consistency of chocolate syrup, so not very thick. First, the wet view.
Since the fabric was lying on a board, it seems that the dye was soaking through and then migrating underneath, and not penetrating the wax. Again, I was careful to wipe off any dye sitting on top of the wax. And here is the dry version.

I always forget how much more intense the colors are when wet, and then am disappointed when I see the dried version. But in a few days or so I will forget the wet and be happy with this.

Now I have to go work on preparing stuff for the tax man.


Gerrie said...

Love the two tjap pieces. I have done painting on silk with resists. I learned from someone to iron the fabric to wak paper. I was amazed tha the dye paint did not migrate under the waxy resist. For small pieces, you might try this.

Rayna said...

addictive, isn't it? I have 3 tjaps coming in the mail from different sources. Yummy. Your fabrics are great, Cathy.