Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Here is a photo of the fabric fading experiment. I sprayed one side of this fabric several weeks ago and also saved a separate piece of the original. It's either been out in direct sunlight or in a sunny window ever since.

The original fabric is laid across the center. The red and the yellow don't seem to have changed, but the blue/purple is noticeably lighter. Even on the sprayed side. Actually I can't see a difference between the sprayed and unsprayed blue. Even the red and yellow look the same sprayed and unsprayed. Makes me wonder if I did it wrong. Maybe I will try this again.

On Friday I'm leaving for Quilt Surface Design Symposium. I'm taking Michael James' Master Class, which goes for seven days. There were some assignments posted on the QSDS web page (which I haven't done), an article that he sent us (which I haven't read), and some books to read (some of which I ordered but they haven't come yet, so much for Amazon re-sellers, so I haven't read them, either). I do have something to work on in class, thank heavens. I sure hope he's not reading my blog....

I need to start packing in earnest, plus get a million other chores completed before I leave. I sort of lollygag along thinking I have plenty of time, then suddenly the deadline is here, and oops! now I'm rushing around. I need some of that goal-setting practice.

I'm taking a laptop so that I can post from QSDS. I wonder if that duck has laid eggs in the atrium again this year.


Gerrie said...

The photo isn't showing! Hope you have a great time in MJ's class. I think my local friend June Underwood is in the same class.

Gerrie said...
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Cathy Kleeman said...

Blogger fixed whatever their problem was and I reloaded the photo.