Sunday, June 11, 2006


After an 8 hour drive through western Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, then Ohio, we arrived at QSDS. It was great meeting up with old friends. Hauled our stuff into the classroom, reserved our little corner, and began to spread out. Each student gets two tables and two design boards. Somehow it's not enough space for some.

So far Michael James is turning out to be very enjoyable. Not stuff or professorial at all, but laughs with us and tells jokes and stories from his teaching. People are working on different types of things: some of us brought work in progress, some started something new, and some have no idea what to do.

Tonight the 5 day crowd is moving in and there is more excitement. Since my class goes for 7 days, we don't have to pack up and move out of the classroom, and can even spend the evening doing more work.

The weather the day we arrived was beautiful, but since then it's been quite chilly and rainy. I'm wearing lots of layers again. Went out for my morning walk and there was a flock of Canada geese on the path. We had sort of a standoff - those things are big and mean. I made myself as non-threatening as I could and walked by, but they hissed at me anyhow. And I had to pass them again on the return trip. Picked up a stick and swung it and they stayed away.

Back to sewing....

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teri springer said...

I am so jealous. I so miss being there. Is Judith there? If so, will you get her email address for me?? I can't find the notebook I wrote it in last year.

Say hi to everyone for me.....

teri....working hard to get the studio all done and the garden under control