Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday at QSDS

I'm making progress on the commission - it's about 1/4 quilted - so I'm going to put it aside and do something else. Michael is strongly encouraging me to do something that is *not* red. Gasp. I'm accepting the challenge and have sorted my fabrics and put away all the red stuff and tomorrow will create in non-red.

We had group critiques today where each person got 10 minutes. First she described what she was doing, then Michael and the class offerred comments and asked questions. As usual, I hear only the sort of negative stuff and totally miss out on the positive stuff. I think this is universal. In talking to others about what they heard, it's as if we were in different rooms entirely. We zoom in on the 'bad' stuff and sometimes hear stuff that isn't even said or implied. Probably ought to tape it so we can go back and re-hear it.

Then the Mini-bazaar and the Ice Cream Social. I haven't been taking any pictures so you can't see the bowl of ice cream covered in toffee heath bar bits and chocolate sauce that I had. It was an effort but I ate every last bit.

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