Friday, June 30, 2006

Goings On

It's been a very busy time since I got home from QSDS. This past weekend we (husband, daughter, x-dil, and 3 grandchildren) flew to Chicago for the weekend. While there we attended a family picnic, a birthday party for 2 nephews and a niece, and a brunch. It was exhausting. And we chose to fly back right in the middle of the horrendous rain storms that have pounded the East Coast. Our return flight was late getting loaded and we finally taxied out to the runway and were preparing to take off when the pilot told us that BWI had just closed and we had to pull out of line.

We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours. This is not an easy wait for adults, but imagine doing it with 3 small children. They were real troopers and never complained. Of course, the adult companions had to pull out multiple bags of tricks to keep them entertained. We finally arrived home at 1am. Monday was a tough day for everybody.

My surface design class at Miami University is next week. Last week I packed up 3 boxes of supplies and sent them off. This week I've been reviewing my class plan and typing up handouts for the students. Yesterday I dyed fabric using the same dyes and same exercises we will be using in the class. The first two days of class we will dye fabric, and the rest of the week we will work with paint - gelatin plate printing, stamping, simple screenprinting, etc. I will have to remind the class (and myself) to not dye everything dark because we will use the dyed fabrics for painting. I have a difficult time restraining myself; I tend to be heavy handed with the amounts of dye. I will encourage the students to use their measuring spoons at first so that they can see how much dye they are using. With fat quarters, it only takes a drop or two for pale colors. Never seems possible that it will be enough.

No picnic is complete without a water balloon fight!

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Nicky said...

What a lovely picture of people having fun! :-))