Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 2

Just about everything that is to go out has gone out. We're down to the bare walls, subfloor, and joists. Now it's time for things to start coming back in.

The dumpster that holds the remains of the kitchen.

Here we have one of the subfloor boards that is cracked. Steve, our contractor, doesn't just cover this up. He takes it out and replaces it with a new piece.

Yesterday and today the plywood base is going down, briefly interrupted by the 5.9 earthquake that had its epicenter in Virginia. I thought it was the flatbed truck coming to retrieve the dumpster, but the shaking went on far too long for that. No damage here, thank heavens. I think we're going to have far more problems this weekend when Hurricane Irene tracks up the eastern seaboard. A prolonged power outage would be a very bad thing, not to mention a flooded basement.

Some of the original wiring in this house would not meet today's codes, I think. We already figured out that the microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate cannot be run at the same time. Add to that list the power thingie that Steve uses to drive in the nails. It seems that one whole section of the house is on the same circuit.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Love love the dumpster image. It's so neat and organized by color and size.

Thanks for posting all these photos - I get to relive the fun of my remodel all over again, but this time with no dry wall dust.

Cathy Kleeman said...

Dry wall dust and wood sanding dust are still in our future. Not looking forward to that very much, but when it's done - it will be fantastic!