Monday, May 03, 2010

Show report

The show opening went really well. Since there were several shows opening, we all benefited from spillover as people wandered through all the galleries. I really appreciated the people who came specifically to see my show and I hope they felt it was worth the drive. It was very gratifying to hear the comments on my work, especially from those who were unfamiliar with quilts as art. Of course, I did hear the word "grandmother" once, but I think it was in jest. The space is well lit, bright, and airy and shows quilts well. I have pictures here but have to apologize for the quality. I have an excuse - I just got a new computer and Windows 7 does not like Photoshop Elements 3 and so I've had to use a different program to edit the images. Learning curve and all that.

Sundown on the left and The Green Flash on the right.

Left to right: Sun Dance, Yellow Brick Road, Symphony in Red, Spring Green

On the left are two Ventanas, on the right is Looking Out

Left to right: Looking Out, Fading Glory, Three Leaves, and two more Ventanas

Hidden Agendas on the left, Sundown on the right

Graffiti and two Ventanas on the left

Left to Right: Downtown, Sun Dance, Yellow Brick Road

Backyardhenge on the left, Life Lines on the right

"Ventanas" is Spanish for "windows" and it occurred to me later that it's an interesting juxtaposition to have those pieces around the actual windows. Not that I thought about it when doing the hanging plan, it just happened to be a good place.

The show will be up until May 30. The Museum director is hoping for some good local publicity and I'm hoping for some sales. I think she has a better chance of success than I do, but one should always be optimistic.


Vicki W said...

That's very exciting! The exhibit looks wonderful. It looks like a really nice space.

Gerrie said...

Love to see all your work hanging out in this space. Wonderful!!

Cathy Kleeman said...

Thanks, you guys. I like seeing it there!

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

the show looks incredible, congratulations! wish i could see it in person!

Martha C. Hall said...

This looks like a great gallery space and the show is hung so well. Great idea that each artist has their own space to hang a cohesive show, yet you can also feed off each others work and viewers.

Anonymous said...

The show is fresh and consistent, Cathy. To those of us who have followed your work for 10 or more years (?), I was pleased to see your concepts as well as your format grow.
Keep showing in as many fine art venues as have the talent to change things.

Cathy Kleeman said...

Thanks, Anonymous aka Ned. I've been thinking about the first class I took from you, and I think it was in 2000 when QSDS was in Athens. I was so unhappy with what I had produced and when I finally admitted that to you, your comment was that you thought I was doing just fine. Really boosted me up! Thank you for your comments - I really appreciate them.

Vivien Zepf said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like a wonderful show!

Beverley said...

Thanks very much for showing me around your Exhibition, which I'm viewing from the UK. It looks really great, I'm particularly drawn to the pieces in one colour theme.