Monday, January 09, 2006

Four way tag and a new project

Four Jobs You've Had: Secretary, Aerobics Instructor, Dirt Washer, Geographic Information System Analyst

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: Star Trek movies with Patrick Stewart; Seabiscuit; Dances with Wolves; Harry Potter

Four Places You've Lived: Chicago; Northfield, IL; Bloomington, IL; Baltimore, MD

Four TV Shows you love to Watch: Without a Trace, CSI, Medium; Law & Order and all its permutations

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Alaska, Europe, Utah, Wyoming

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: Melody's blog, Lisa's blog, Rayna's blog, Shockwave Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Chicago deep dish pizza, peanut butter, any version of useless carbs

Four Places You'd Rather Be: Triennial Kleeman family reunion in Nags Head, NC; visiting family; any National Park out West; at home on Sunday night when my kids and grandkids come over for dinner

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: This is a toughie - I like classical music and music from my youth, but I don't have a fave album

Four People You'll Pass This On To: Martha, Nancy, Joanie, Rayna

A new project

The beginnings of my newest piece, back to my first love, circles. Somehow these are going to be combined with those pastels. I've got a plan and a sketch, but I'm not sharing that yet. It will be interesting to see how far from the sketch the final pieces deviates.


Gerrie said...

When I read Sunday nights when the kids and grandkids come over for dinner, my heart went pitty pat - that is one of the reasons for the move to Portland and you just validatd it!!!

Lisa Call said...

Looking forward to seeing how you add pastels to this! The mystery....

Joanne S said...

Hi, I'm Joanne S from Wednesday's Child. I love the circles. I love polka dots and these are like the SUPER sized polkas. Got to make some for myself.