Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stitching and a neat box

Check out this neat box:

I got it at Starbucks. They're selling some kind of coffee (duh) in this box. I don't drink coffee, but my sil does and he buys some at Starbucks when we go there on Sunday mornings for our usual get-together. (I just reread that and realized that I need to include that my husband, daughter, and granddaughter are also at this little get-together.) I sort of drooled over the box so he took the coffee out and gave it to me. It's all very precisely laser cut and everything; too bad there is Starbucks information on it. Maybe I'll just cover that up.

Sewing on the current project
With conficting advice from several people whose opinions I value, I have decided to put the designing aside and sew together the background and let my subconscious work on the design. This stitching of the background is the tricky part and would be made immensely easier with wunderunder. But I've never been really happy with that on a large project and I never plan ahead to use it efficiently. So instead I stitch all these overlapping pieces fabric down to a backing layer. Sometimes I go around the edge of each piece and sometimes I use an overall grid which will catch every piece but not always on the edges. There is a lot of pinning involved which means I get stuck (literally) alot. Everything is pinned to something called Gossamer, which is a very lightweight nonwoven polyester fabric. It's available from Stump's Prom, which is a supply house for party items.

Getting this under the needle of the sewing machine requires careful maneuvering, because of all those pins.

You can see the Gossamer and how lightweight and transparent it is. I think it might be like Lutrador but since I've never seen that stuff, I don't know for sure.

This is the grid. There is going to be lots of machine quilting on here so the edges and corners of the fabrics eventually will be secured. Once I get the whole thing gridded I will go back to the design phase and decide about those circles. I have something else/additional in mind and will be trying that also.


Helen Suzanne said...

This is great to see your project develop. I love seeing how to do new things. Thank you for sharing.

Gerrie said...

This is a great technique. Love seeing how you work.