Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It's been nearly a month since it snowed here. Last snowfall I shoveled with old shovels that had lost their sharp edge so it was frustrating. So I bought a new shovel. Not realizing that I had bought a new shovel, my husband bought one also. So now we have 4 snow shovels and an ice breaker-upper. My plan is to leave them right outside the back door so we won't have any snow for the rest of the winter. Maybe it will work. Either that or somebody will come along and lift one or more of them.

A bit more fiber related -- for a proposal I'm working on I've been cutting headlines and phrases out of the business section of the newspaper and gluing them all down, with the intention of eventually making a thermofax screen. I scanned the collage and I also scanned a piece of fabric. Brought them both into Photoshop Elements and combined them into one image. I decreased the opacity of the words layer so that they would sort of fade into the fabric. This got printed out as the cover sheet for the proposal, with my name and some other stuff on it also. It goes into the mail tomorrow, and I will hear back sometime in February. Keeping my fingers crossed.


gabrielle said...

Cathy, this cover is so interesting...indredible graphic quality. Good luck on the proposal. If it is anything like the cover, it is a done deal.

Gerrie said...

Nice work Cathy. This is a great way to test work before making a screen!