Thursday, January 12, 2006

Progress of various kinds

I've taken some really lousy pictures of the work in progress. First off I can't get an unobstructed view of it so I had to hold the camera above my head and shoot downward towards the wall. Keystoned badly, which I tried to fix in Photoshop, with limited success. And also the pictures are a little blurry. Well, OK, alot blurry.

The first iteration:

The circles were quartered and then laid across the midsection. In my humble opinion, this sucks. Got rid of the circles:

This looks alot better, but it's nowhere near finished. Stay tuned.

Sun position at Noon today:

We've made progress since the last picture, more than an inch along the tape measure.

I belong to New Image, an art quilt group that was started about 25 years ago. The members have changed over the years, with a few of the originals still hanging around. New Image is known for the HIVE Project, a room sized exhibit that boggles the mind. Our most recent project is Hardware, an exhibit based on the concept of hardware and how each artist interpreted it. Each piece had to be exactly 15" high but could be as wide as we wanted. The exhibit is designed to be hung in a straight line around the room. We made a postcard catalog of 12 images of pieces in the show and packaged them in a custom designed box with the word Hardware embossed on it. A really nice package, and you can have one for your very own for $12 plus $2 shipping and handling. Contact me for more information.


Deborah said...

Loved looking at those hardward images. Great stuff.

Gerrie said...

What a great concept and so many unique interpretations. You all do the coolest stuff. I loved the Hive project!!

Lisa Call said...

To me he circles looked like eye balls peering at me through a crack in a wall. That or cookie monsters face. Maybe good you took them out!

But I love the colors - you do red best! My red quilts always end up with more brown than red and never seem to be as rich.