Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today is sunny for the first time in over a week, maybe even 2 weeks. On December 21, the day of the winter solstice, I took a picture of a shadow precisely at noon, and marked that spot. Today's picture shows that there is progress - the sun has moved higher in the sky. The white arrow indicates the point on Dec 21 and the black arrow is the equivalent today. Just call me Geek.

I've finished up all the dyes and here are the results:

Above is a combination of Cerulean Blue, Blue-Violet, Ultra Violet, and Navy.
Below is a combination of Golden Yellow, Clear Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Deep Yellow, and a bunch of the blue mixture to make green. It's really a nicer green than what's showing up here.

The red piece is Light Red, Chinese Red, Soft Orange, and Scarlet mixed together.

This last piece is the combination of Khaki, Chocolate Brown, and Black. This fabric photographed far better than it actually looks. So if you think it looks bad here, you should see the real thing. You would think you couldn't go wrong with something named Chocolate Brown.

And lastly, here are some threads. Size 12 pearl cotton. I've wound one of the skeins around a drinking straw.


Gerrie said...

Two of my favorite days of the year are the summer solstice - longest day of the year and winter solstice - because the days start getting longer. You might ask why in the heck I am moving to gloomy Portland? M grandkids will provide the sunshine in my long winter days.

Lisa Call said...

Beautiful fabric. Even that last one - I'd use it even if it were uglier!

Martha said...

Boy, I miss dyeing!