Monday, July 11, 2005

So much for the neat studio

Last week I dyed some fabric, restraining myself to only one yellow, one red, and one blue. I wanted the results to be varieties of gold, green, brown, so I had alot of yellow, and only a little red and a little blue. Then I printed on some of the pieces with thermofax screens. You can see a sample of one of the pieces in the third photo. But this is what the rest of the table looks like. Boxes of fabric paints, silkscreens, slides and notebooks, entry forms, packing tape, ads from the newspaper, notebook, etc. etc. etc.

I seem to be back to the 2 square feet of working space.

I've got something up on the design wall but it's not ready for public consumption at this point. I'm using these fabrics that I just created and red. What a surprise.