Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another postcard

Used another canyon picture today to make a new postcard. I think this one is more successful than yesterday's. I like the white down the center. Placing the stitching so that it overlaps the color is more pleasing also.

Back to the Oct, Nov, and Dec Journals I did several weeks ago, in order to send them (and the rest of the year) off to an arts and crafts show in Connecticut. Not a one sold, really disappointing. Apparently the clientele was more interested in the small jewelry and wearing apparel items, and that's where all the money went. So now I have 2 complete sets of journals January through December, with a few extra Aprils. Buy one or buy the complete set, $150 each. You can see the earlier journals on my web page ; the last three are in earlier blog posts.

I like listening to audio books while I work or work out. As long as I'm doing repetitive tasks like machine quilting or using an elliptical trainer, I can listen and not be distracted by what I'm doing. I borrow them from my library and they have obligingly steadily increased the number of audio books in their collection from a few shelves to an entire section. Then about a month ago I discovered that I can also download audio books and play them on my computer. The idea of sitting in front of the computer and listening wasn't real appealing, but a little more research revealed that the audio book can be transferred to a portable listening device, ie an MP3 player. Now that's cool. It's much easier carrying around a little MP3 player than it is carrying a walkman tape player. Anyhow, it's just like checking out a book - I can play the file for 3 weeks and then it won't play anymore, or I can renew it for another 3 weeks. No overdue fines to pay, no tapes to damage or lose. Now my only problem is making sure my cat doesn't chew apart the earphone wires.


Anonymous said...

Cathy, I have enjoyed reading your blog alot, love viewing your work. On an audio book note, where do you get your audio books? I usually go to my local library and transfer to the cd's to itunes then to my ipod, but it is a tedious process and they are running out of titles! Thanks, Michele

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