Thursday, November 10, 2005

Journals for November and December

Finished the last two months' journals. November sort of builds on October - using one of the same images but the colors are brown. The trees have lost their leaves and it's starting to look quite dull. There is a little bit of hand stitching; the dark brown pieces are wunderundered down, then stitched along the edges (I just don't trust that stuff...)

December sort of stumped me for a while. It's so grey around here, seems to always be cloudy and of course the sun hardly spends any time above the horizon at all. It's a good thing I don't live further north where the days are even shorter.

So this is composed of several pale grey painted fabrics with a piece of cheesecloth stitched down over top. Sort of swirly, like the chilly winds that go down your neck.

So all of the journals, plus six or seven other pieces have been shipped off to Connecticut for a show next weekend. If I'm lucky, a lot fewer will come home. Somebody might like the idea of having a little quilt for each month of the year.


Frances said...

I love these last three journals, I like december best, just love the monotone texture,

Rayna said...

Nice, Cathy. I like the yellow ones and the November one really well. But I'm with you -- I don't trust that stuff either and I always stitch over the wonder under. What's the show in CT?