Friday, December 02, 2005

Back to red

I tried doing this one in neutrals, tans, and browns, but it just didn't do anything for me. There was a little pile of reds left over, so I decided to use those again.

Next I'm going to work a little bigger, about 8 x 10. I did a little more filtering in Photoshop and made a cartoon. My friend Elizabeth Poole makes fabulous quilts using photographs from which she makes templates. If you have the latest issue of Quilting Arts, check out her self portrait in red, a full page picture. I've watched her construct her quilts and it's very precise, just like Elizabeth. I don't think that method will work for me, but maybe I can modify it a little so it's not quite so painstaking. Stay tuned.


Gerrie said...

I'm with you. I have a friend who does photoshop templates. Her work looks precise but not spontaneous which I love!

painter in hiding said...

Very cool. My mother does crazy quilts. I do not have the patience for quilting, but she has transfered some of my photography to fabric and used it in several peices.