Thursday, December 29, 2005

Various goings on

Santa actually visited us, had to deliver a few presents that had gotten misplaced somewhere on his sled. This was quite an event for the grandchildren. Will (almost 5) knows who Santa is but is pretty hesitant to get close; he overcomes his shyness to get his present and have a picture. Rebecca (almost 3) doesn't quite understand Santa, but does understand presents, and is cautious but daring. Audrey (27 months) is having nothing to do with this guy and actually ran out of the room as he entered. No Santa! No Santa! She finally let her Daddy carry her close enough to get her present, but no picture, no way. Santa didn't have a present for me, but I still got a picture.

I finished the green thing and here it is. Rayna says she never would have guessed that I had made it. Not my usual color scheme, definitely not my usual style. I think it's pretty far off my beaten track and I am undecided as to whether I'm going to continue down this path, abandon it, or bring a few of these techniques into what I already do.

Here is a closeup of the stitching. I love this stitching and similar dense free motion zigzag stitching may show up in other pieces.

This last piece is small, 8x10, and is a sample for a proposal for a commission. The theme behind this piece is that data/information is important in management skills. I've made some thermofax screens using images of the stock listings, names of business management magazines, and some other stuff. I put this little piece together to show an example of the kinds of fabrics and stitching that would comprise the finished piece.

Next task is to look at the list of upcoming show entry deadlines and figure out what I have available to enter and what shows I want to submit them to. And write checks. In 2005 I have already shelled out $360 in entry fees. Yikes.


Gerrie said...

My grandchildren (4 & 6) will have nothing to do with Santa!! I love the sample piece - nice job of incorporating the screened images.

Elle said...

I really like the screened piece and the greens in the other. So vivid.