Monday, December 12, 2005

Six from One

More postcards. Taking a tip from a friend, I started with a piece slightly larger than 12" x 12" and did all the stitching at that size. Much more efficient use of time and didn't have to change threads after only a few stitches. This is the whole:

And these are the parts:

I did attempt to lay out the fabric with the final postcards in mind so I could have the lighter colored strips down the center area. I think it worked pretty well for the most part. For the kind of stitching I'm doing here, free motion zig zag, I don't think I can make the piece any bigger because the timtex is so stiff. I wouldn't be able to move it around under the needle and I want to get the zig zags going in different directions.

My episode is coming up on Simply Quilts this week: Wednesday, 8:30AM Eastern/7:30AM Central. First five minutes, so don't blink.


Gerrie said...

I'll make sure you get tivoed!! this is a great way to do abstract postcards - so efficient!! I'm enjoying this series that you are doing.

LoieJ said...

Good idea for efficiency. I made a couple of dozen post cards last spring and found them more time consuming than I expected for the size. But mine also were made especially for specific people, so had so be made one at a time.

annabel said...

Hi, just found you again after being blogless myself for a bit. I'm not sure what postcards are. I know a lot of people seem to be doing them so I guess they must be fun. I'm a bit puzzled by the size and wonder if you feel frustrated by it, or liberated and enjoy the challenge. What do you do with them all?

Frances said...

I really like these postcards and have enjoyed seeing the progresion of the idea, thanks