Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A little bigger

Two posts in one day, how productive of me! Here it is, size is 7" x 10".

Haven't made up my mind yet. I think I don't like the white shape coming up from the lower left, needs to be longer or something. Changing thread so much is tiresome but it won't be so often when the whole piece gets bigger. I enjoy using the thread so get more shading but I've realized that if I use dark fabric I don't have much leeway in thread choices except to go lighter.


Mrs. Mel said...

Omigod the impact of the white slash is wonderful just wonderful.

Joanne S said...

Love it--yummy color. You could extend the white strip with some white satin stitch-varigated width--to the edge--any edge. I always like to see a line continue to an edge. Not stop in the middle--but that's me, not you. I could have this on my wall forever and never tire of it.