Thursday, December 01, 2005

More postcards

It's always easy for me to work in red. So I decided to try a different colorway. So here we have a canyon view in green.

And a second interpretation also in green.

Five more things about me:

11. My favorite class in high school was algebra. It was like doing puzzles all the time. I would save my algebra homework for last, like dessert. Of course, these were pre-calculator days and so we did everything manually. Anybody else remember using a book of tables to do logarithms?

12. I mark my official entry into Art Quilts as June, 1993, when I attended my first Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, Ohio. At that time there were very few conferences that concentrated on art quilts and had multi-day classes. I took a 5 day class with Joy Saville on "A Problem Solving Approach to Design". On our materials list it said to bring 5 one yard pieces of fabrics that we found difficult to work with or that we thought were ugly. So that's all the fabric I brought. Everybody else in the class had suitcases full of fabric. I was way out of my comfort zone for sure.

13. I wish I were better at self-promotion.

14. Although I technically not overweight, I wish I there were about 10 pounds less of me. Ten pounds doesn't sound like a lot to lose, but the older one gets, the more entrenched that flesh becomes. I have a difficult time just maintaining my current weight. Losing 10 pounds means serious starvation, and once it's lost, eternal vigilance (and more starvation). I've surrendered to middle age and like Alice in Wonderland, am running as fast as I can just to stay in place.

15. I never read autobiographies. My typical non-fiction genres are crime, suspense, and thriller. Strangely enough, these types of books tend to have black covers.

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Frances said...

I like the green canyons, I have enjoyed seeing these progress,

I am the same as 13 and 14 only I can double the 10 pounds to 20, sitting at the sewing machine, sitting handsewing or working on the computer doesn't help and living alone but liking cooking is another hazard, need to do more in the garden,