Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Big One

For the past few days I've been down with a cold and have not had the energy to do much more than lie around and read and nap. And whine. The only one around here during the day to listen to my whining is Chuck.

And you can see what an impression I'm making on him. So today I decided to at least pretend I felt well enough to do something. Went back into the studio determined to at least get some fabric composed into something that more or less looks like art. Decided to not even try matching my cartoon by making templates and just put the fabric down and cut it sort of following my design lines. I still needed to sketch some lines and that was difficult and rather than bore you to death with the exact procedure, it's enough to say that it was not a good plan, and the engineering still needs more work.

This is it, size is about 24" x 36". I'm letting it ferment for a while so I can think about what more it needs. Stitching, obviously. But maybe also more pieces of fabric to introduce close-up interest. And I'm not sure I'm going to keep those two pieces of greeny yellow fabric on the top right of the yellow swath. I don't like those shapes very much. Comments?

I've added one of those notification thingies that lets you know when there is a new post. It's from FeedBlitz and it's over in the right hand column below the Archives and above the Cool Places to Visit.

1 comment:

Mrs. Mel said...

Since I am sick in bed today I am spending my time looking at all the blogs I like and yours is one. I really like the new piece you posted and would definitely keep those yellow green pieces in there. They create a great focal point. I love all the swirly shapes too, but take care to introduce some straight lines someplace so it doesn't end up looking like xxxxx's work.
Actually there are now about 10 xxxx's that come to mind when I think about swirly work. More than we need imho.