Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And more...

I really like this one. I used torn paper strips to create the vertical stripes in a deep blue/green. In the open area between the stripes I used a curved tip syringe to draw a thin line with dark cherry. Screened with a yellowish-brown paste. When the green began to deconstruct it showed a crystal-like pattern. Difficult to see in the small picture, but click on the image to view it larger.

The storm drain cover again. Makes such a wonderful pattern.

I found a roll of stiff paper with little holes in it at the hardware store. I have no idea what its intended use is, but it makes a great resist. The little tiny holes are really cool.

Here's another view.

I have alot of fabric that has been painted and I wanted to see if the paint will resist the dye. The answer is "sometimes". This fabric had blue scribbles all over it and they were fairly heavily drawn. Where the dye overlays the paint scribble, the dye is a little lighter. In some places it's totally resisted. Also, washing this fabric softened up the paint; there were some stiff sections where I had globbed the paint on and these are much softer now. I think some of the paint might have come off. The fabric was ugly to begin with and I don't I've improved it very much. But maybe in small pieces it will work somewhere.

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