Thursday, June 12, 2008

Done for the moment

I had to finish up this week because tomorrow I leave for QSDS. Just when I was really starting to get the hang of it! The last batch of screens was almost exclusively torn paper stripings. I really like these alot. I made some thermofax screens from some of these torn paper results and combining these with the DSP makes some really interesting designs.

This piece of fabric was somebody else's in my class at QSDS last year. For some reason she didn't like it and threw it out. I grabbed it. It has really nice feathery lines which are the background. The strips are my torn paper and look how cool those outlines are.

One more. I learned several things. In order to see the deconstructing outlines of the shapes you have to screen with a color that is lighter than what's on the screen. A second thing I learned is that leaving the paper stuck on the back of the screen while doing the pulling makes for even more interesting designs. Good outlines but also terrific patterning.

More of the holey paper strips.

And this is an image I used to make a thermofax screen. It really captures the look of the wrinkly paper. I had to enhance it a little in Photoshop so that there is a little more definition between the wrinkles.

So now the fabric is packed in a box and all my stuff is packed into my car. I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 7am and driving to Martha's house. Then I will have to reload my stuff into her car, and we will be off. We usually arrive in Columbus around 3 or 4pm, depending on how many stops. I should probably research in which state the gas will be cheapest since we hit Maryland (of course) then West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, then Ohio. Our first pit stop is always at Sideling Hill which is a huge gouge cut out of the mountain so the road can go through. It exposes a very interesting geological formation and there's a very informative display in the Exhibit Center. I like geology so this spot fascinates me.


TALL GIRL said...

cathy, these torn paper screens are fabulous. it makes me want to take judy's class too!

Gerrie said...

I love working with torn paper. I woke up this morning thinking about doing a torn paper screen on a piece that needs something. I just love the edges that you get.