Monday, June 16, 2008

QSDS Report 1

Two days of class so far and here's my report. This is my board, pre-pretty much anything.

For the most part we can work on any project we choose but there are a few class exercises. We had to prepare a presentation on ourselves, no more than 5 minutes, do a book report that will be compiled into a resource list, and prepare a presentation on a fiber artist. In class we are to spend 15 minutes every day making a small piece that tells our artistic history. These are mine from the first two days. On the left is a representation of my first mural, a crayon line drawn on a freshly painted wall in my brothers' bedroom. My childhood signature included my street address. The horse represents my infatuation with horses and looks somewhat like a picture I painted in an art class. I think it was in an 'art show' and won a prize because my mother framed it and I still have it.

Here is my first windows-theme piece, complete. Sue suggested that I try to work on more than one piece at a time, so I'm trying. Results to follow.

And here, courtesy of Sue Reno, is a picture from the opening reception of Images 08. Notice all the people standing around my piece. Notice that they are all looking in the other direction. Here's hoping they turned around at some point.


Gerrie said...

Say "Hey" to Sue!! I would love to take this class!!

TALL GIRL said... that window piece!

Twila Grace said...

As I scrolled down into your windows-theme piece, I exclaimed, "Wow!". And I stand by my first impression!

Joanie San Chirico said...

Keep the posts coming! It's so weird not being there.