Tuesday, June 24, 2008

QSDS Final

I'm back home today after a long 8 hour drive. The views of the mountains are beautiful but I sure wish somebody would come up with a Transporter ala Star Trek. Be easier to bring stuff, too.

Here is the piece that I mentioned in my previous post, now with the window imagery. I'm not happy with it and part of the reason is that I don't think it's a successful enlargement of the smaller pieces. It doesn't work just to make everything bigger and I haven't even really done that because the lines of the window are not in the same proportion to the size of the background as are the small pieces. So more work is needed on this.

The idea I had for the other larger piece involved trying alot of small window images instead of doing one big one and to also use both the positive and negative sections. I've applied wonder under to a bunch of fabrics and started playing with positioning on the last two days in class, but didn't come up with anything that rated a permanent placing. That's still in progress also.

On the last day of class we did an open class critique, or 'crit' as Sue informed us it should be called. Each person had 4 minutes, the first 2 for talking 2 things she learned and 2 things she thought were still unresolved. Then Sue and the class had the remaining 2 minutes to respond. It really focuses your mind when you have to present your thoughts in only 2 minutes and nobody was allowed to go beyond that time limit. Usually there are some long winded people in a class who can go on and on and then others get shortchanged. I was last in this round and didn't feel shortchanged because I got the same amount of time as everybody else, and people weren't feeling exhausted by the time they got to me.

I have pictures of everybody and their work but we made an agreement on the first day of class that we could only write about and post pictures of our own work so that's why you won't see pictures of anybody else or their work on here.

However, I am going to post a picture of the little dolls we all made as a remembrance of the class for Sue. Little scraps of fabric and threads wrapped up like little memory boxes. She was thrilled to get them.

So now it's the unpleasant task of unpacking and returning everything to its proper place and getting back into the routine of my life, starting off with going to the grocery store. How pedestrian.


carrie said...

I like your piece. It looks more like a stile or kissing-gate type of structure to me. Nice, though

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm curious to know if you think the piece didn't turn out successfully because of the work environment. Personally, I can't concentrate or work at the pace I normally would in a room full of people. Was this experience worth it or did it leave you feeling unsettled?

Cathy Kleeman said...

Carrie - that's a new interpretation and I'm open to lots of ideas. I really like 'kissing gate'!

Idaho - It is difficult to work in a room full of people and with limited space (even though we had 2 tables) and not all my stuff at hand. However, I think that it's not successful because I don't like how I scaled it up. That needs work. As to was the experience worth it? Yes! Did it leave me unsettled? Yes! But sometimes it's good to give yourself a jolt out of your rut.