Monday, June 02, 2008

More results

A few results from the previous session. This screen was made using a storm drain cover placed under the screen and then I pulled the dye paste across it. The dye color is dark cherry, which is nearly black. The fabric used here was pale blue and I screened used yellow print paste, which resulted in green. The dark colors are the dark cherry deconstructing. The edges are fantastic!

This is the fabric pictured in my previous post after it's been washed. There is a considerable amount of lightening up, alot of which is due to the fact that the previous picture is of wet fabric, which always looks darker. I would have preferred the darker color, but then I always do. Some great deconstructed edges on this one also.

And another section of the same piece of fabric. You can see faint outlines of the circle furnace grid that I also used on this piece.

Well, it's time to get back to the dyepots!


Karoda said...

Thanks for sharing your results. I have Kerr's DVD but have yet to really dive into this process.

Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

Beautiful fabric.

linda stokes said...

You're getting some great results, makes me eager to do some more. Such an interesting process.