Saturday, June 07, 2008

More fabrics and an invitation

I received this postcard in the mail yesterday. It's from Images 08, held at Penn State University. This used to be Crafts National but they've changed the eligibility to artists in the states surrounding Pennsylvania. I don't know why since they didn't include me in the decision making process. But they did choose to put my piece on the postcard - upper right hand corner. It sort of doesn't go with the rest of the works on the postcard, but I'm not going to complain.

The show opens on June 11 with the reception on Friday the 13th. Hmmm. You are invited. I won't be there as I will be at QSDS for the Master Class with Sue Benner. Nine days of class - I think I will be very tired.
And here is more fabric. The smudgey background on this is from the deconstruction, but then I used a thermofax screen to directly apply the cross hatch pattern.
On this piece I took the hole-y paper strips that had dye paste on them, wetted them slightly, then pressed directly onto the fabric. There was enough dye paste to transfer the design but not so much that it's very obvious.


Gerrie said...

I received my MS from Penn Stare. Love it there in the middle of nowhere!! Congrats.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I really like the effects you're getting with that holey paper. May have to look for some myself.

TALL GIRL said...

Very cool surface design work, Cathy and congrats on the postcard!