Monday, September 26, 2011

Cabinets mostly in

The cabinets are mostly installed. A few have to wait until the countertop is set in - one holds the microwave and another has an appliance garage so I don't have to haul out the mixer from cabinet netherlands whenever I want to use it. One very cool thing is a little step stool that will slide into the toe kick under one of the cabinets in the island. When I need something from a high shelf I can just pull this little stool out and set it up. Not sure it will me reach all the way to the very top shelves, but it will be really handy for the medium high ones.

The back side of the island will have a panel that matches the rest of the cabinets. The refrigerator will go into the space to the left of the window and the stove goes to the right. Today the floor is being sanded and the first sealing layer going down. Towmorrow and Wednesday they will return for additional layers. Thursday the appliances will be delivered and on Friday the countertop will arrive. By next weekend it will look like a kitchen!

There will still be several weeks of finishing - trim on the windows and other places, finishing touches for painting, installation of the dishwasher and garbage disposal, lighting, finishing on the column, floor tile by the door and into the mudroom, tile on the backsplash. We're looking at about the middle of October. Then the POD will return and we can unload all of the furniture back into the space. 

PS Today the 3rd section of the SAQA auction begins; my quilt will be up on the block starting at 2PM today. Bid early!

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