Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking pretty good

It's been a bit of a slow week. Workmen were here 3 days out of 5 - 1 day for putting up trim, 1 day for painting, and 1 day for laying the floor.

First, the powder room. This was not part of the project, but it needed some updating, so Jim took it on himself to strip the wallpaper and paint the room. We thought about replacing the vanity but all the ones in the stores were cheesy fiberboard and the one we have is solid oak, so it stayed and got new hardware and a new faucet. This picture shows the color as bright yellow, and that is totally wrong. It's actually a peach, which matches a flower in the tile in the floor.

This is after the walls have been painted. The trim is white and the walls are a very pale yellow. It's going to be very cheery with lots of natural light.

And here is the oak floor all down. It looks like a real room again. Because the walls were built out further than the original walls, the windows are set in much deeper and there is a nice wide window sill. I'm sure I can find something to put there. Maybe African violets, it's a northern exposure.

Looking towards the back door and the mud room, which now has a door.

The cabinets will be delivered on Monday and it won't take very long to get them installed. The floor will be sanded and finished, but I'm not sure where in the process that will happen. Once the cabinets and sink are in, they can measure for the counter top. It's really all coming together!

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Gerrie said...

Looking good! Very exciting!