Friday, September 02, 2011

Cleaned up

All the compressors, saw, nail guns are removed and the place is cleaned up. The electrical rough in is complete and we are ready for insulation and dry wall. The insulation was put up this morning and the dry wall will be installed next week. Prepare for dust.

There used to be a downdraft vent from our old oven that vented outside. Our new oven will have a hood over top so the hole from the old vent has been bricked up. The brick on our house is a real hodge podge, some painted, and lots of variations in color. The story is that it was salvaged from an old hospital that was torn down. It would be difficult to match but we have had a pile of unused bricks sitting around for ages, aging. I think that once the mortar dries it will be difficult to determine where these newer bricks are.

The effects of Hurricane Irene are still with us, many schools still closed, power still off for many people, traffic lights still out, day care facilities closed. Yesterday I saw 2 utility trucks from Illinois so you know that many people from many areas are working to restore power. And this was just a tropical storm here. 

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