Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lookin' Good

Yesterday boxes and boxes of cabinets were delivered. They nearly filled up the entire room. It took Steve all day to unpack them, since he had to check each one to make sure it was correct. This morning he and 2 helpers arrived at 6:30AM (and it's not very light at that hour any more) to start installing them.

Look at this equipment. These are really the big boy tools.

This is what they accomplished today. It's much more than just putting the cabinets into the correct spot. They used their very long levels to make sure each one is leveled front to back and side to side. When I look at what is already installed, I think that it is nearly equal to the storage space I used to have. But - there are still more wall cabinets and base cabinets, plus the entire island yet to be installed. Now, a lot of that space is very high up, and will be difficult for me to reach, even with the little step stool that will be stored in one of the toe kicks. So that will be for the once-a-year stuff. 

Rosie checks out the space. Not going to be nearly as much opportunity for mice to sneak into the kitchen - all the holes to the crawl space have been covered up.

A close-up view of the cabinet door. The wood is hickory and the doors are inset into the cabinet with a bead of wood inside the door frame and also on the door panel. Gorgeous!

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Happened upon your blog while surfing the net a bit. Really enjoy your textile work--simply stunning. Good luck with the renovation--I can sympathize. My house was gutted several years ago--I'm still recovering!
best from Tunisia,