Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Brief Interruption

Unless you're living in a closet, you heard about Hurricane Irene. Around here, we're enough inland that it was "only" a tropical storm. The wind howled all night long and it poured rain. The power flickered on and off at least three times and every time it did the doorbell rang. At 5:30AM the power finally went off for good. Our usual Sunday pattern is to meet up with family at the local Panera. But it was closed, as was the nearby Starbucks (this is serious). Drove to another Panera location, and had to divert around a tree fallen across the road. It too was closed. Finally found our Sunday treat at a bagel place. Back home we cleaned up all the fallen leaves and twigs in the yard and my husband got out his chain saw (guy toys) and cut up the large branch that fell out of a tree. Luckily, we have a dumpster right in our driveway ready and waiting for debris (tree-bris?). 

So this is what the place looked like on Saturday. The chairs are from the deck since we didn't want them blowing around. The studs are nearly all up and the wall next to the back door is roughed in.

The contractor drew the outlines of the cabinets on the floor so we can see where things will be placed.

Granddaughter Audrey took this opportunity to add her artwork to the soon-to-be-covered-up studs.

Zoe contributed her footprints.

Our power was restored on Tuesday afternoon at 5pm. The generator made the nearly 3 days bearable. The contractor was able to continue work during the day and once he left we ran an extension cord across the street so a neighbor could power her refrigerator. The schools were supposed to open on Monday but they didn't, and they were closed yesterday also. Today most of the county schools are open, but there are still 21 without power. What a way to start the school year - already using up the snow days.

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