Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remodel - empty rooms and a plan

It is truly amazing how much stuff is in a kitchen. I started packing stuff into boxes a month ago. When the POD was delivered last Monday, we loaded the furniture and the already packed boxes into it. Then I proceeded to continue packing up kitchen stuff and transferring what we will be needing during the interim up to the temporary kitchen. Which is in the living room. It seemed as if I was hardly making a dent. But now everything that needs to be put into storage is in the POD and it will be taken away this afternoon.

Here is the empty dining room. It echoes. Since the refrigerator is still in the kitchen and most of the utensils and other stuff is in the living room, there is a lot of back and forth necessary in order to eat something. When the demo crew arrives on Monday at 6:30 AM (aack), they will move the refrigerator up to the living room. We've hooked a wash tub up outside the living room door, for washing dishes, but this is going to be a real pain. At least it's not winter.

I used an architectural drawing program to rough out what the new space will look like. The counter tops will be white, not black. I hope these next two months go by quickly and without any setbacks.

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Gerrie said...

My daughter went through this last year. They have a much smaller house so it was not fun. She had to do her dishes in the laundry sink in the basement. She used to come over here just to get a cooking/baking fix.

It will be so nice when you are fini!!