Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is the set of switches that is next to the back door. The first switch on the left turns on the light right outside the door. The second switch turns on another outside light. The two switches on the right turn on lights in the family room and kitchen. We could never figure out what the middle switch controlled. Now I know why. It doesn't connect to anything. Might have once, but never since we moved in.

All the appliances and cabinets have been hauled away to the re-use center. I hope somebody gets good use from them, they are still in good condition.

It was not in the original plan to tear down the entire front wall, but when we discovered the joists resting on the brick wall, we decided to take all the wall board out and replace it with new studs, insulation, and wall board and it will all look better. And be warmer. Notice the change in color on the bricks. The previous owners had painted the dining room brick wall white. We tried to paint it to look more like brick, but that didn't work well, so in the first kitchen remodel we covered it with wallboard. Never thought I would see that wall again.

Another discovery - the cold air returns from the rooms on the second floor don't go anywhere. They should go into ducts that connect back to the furnace so there is an airflow. But they just empty into the space between the joists. Explains a lot about why the some of the rooms are never the right temperature. This house was built in 1957 and I guess there weren't very many codes that had to be followed. Or the builder just ignored them.

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