Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 4

More stuff gone. The closet that was to the left of the door is gone. That will be replaced with a mud room that will be larger and extend to the window. It will be a place to drop all the junk that has always been dropped on chairs or wherever. And maybe we can even train everybody to remove their shoes when they come in the door.

These are some of the holes in the cinder block wall that let in the cold air that made the kitchen so freezing cold in the winter. They will be plugged up, hooray, and it will be oh so much warmer in there.

This is looking at the corner of the kitchen. They are going to frame out these walls and put insulation in them. This changes the dimensions of the kitchen which affects the cabinets. The cabinet person came out and remeasured all the spaces. One cabinet will have to be remade, and the sink base trimmed by 2 inches. Cabinets will butt up closer to the windows than originally planned, but it will all work out quite well.

By the end of Thursday, most of the wood floor had been ripped up and tossed into the dumpster. All that's left for Friday is the linoleum floor in the kitchen and the tiles and felt liner under where the wood floor was. They are taking it all out down to the subfloor and then laying a new plywood base. This will make it all even and easier to lay the new wood floor on top.

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