Thursday, August 25, 2011


The subfloor is down and now the studs are going in. And in between those studs will be insulation - hooray! There has never been any insulation in the kitchen and in the winter the temperature went down to 62 degrees. Inside the cabinets it was even colder, by 10 degrees. I had to heat up the dinner plates before putting any food on them or the food would be instantly cold. But not any more.

I'm writing a little note on the wall before it gets covered up. I wonder if anybody will ever see it. Sort of my own little stikman.

It took me a few seconds to figure out the what this picture is of. It's looking up at the joists holding up the second floor. The cinder block is the outside wall, and now there is expanding foam in the cracks. Another route for cold air blocked.

We had vintage (i.e. old and ugly) hot air registers. Gone now, and the hot air vent will be placed in the wood floor.

We're watching the weather forecasts and it looks like Hurricane Irene is going to give us some big winds and heavy rains. Going grocery shopping tonight because by tomorrow the stores will be jammed and the shelves empty. At least I already have toilet paper. Gee, an earthquake and a hurricane all in one week. Is somebody sending a message?

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Linda said...

oh, sign your names too--archaeologists in 2111 will be thrilled to have evidence of WHO lived here.