Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Problems already

The dividing wall is gone. It really opens up the space.

See that lovely cinder block wall? On the other side of that is the outside brick wall. No insulation. No wonder the kitchen got so cold in the winter. Those were supposed to be 2x4s but they are only laths flat against the wall. Makes it much more of a problem to add insulation without changing the dimensions of the room. And that brick wall on the right is supposed to come down so that we could put insulation there also. Except it seems that the joists holding up the second floor are resting on those bricks. Big problem.

The refrigerator is now up in the living, so our mini kitchen is complete. Made spaghetti last night. It was a challenge because the we can only use one heating device at a time. Brown the meat, then cook the mushrooms, mix in the sauce, then heat it up. Boil the water, cook the pasta. Broil the garlic/cheese bread. Reheat the spaghetti sauce. Might not be having spaghetti any more. And the new refrigerator is an inch wider than the doorway.


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