Monday, June 18, 2007

Deconstructed screenprinting

Day 1 of deconstructed screen printing with Kerr Grabowski. This is more fun than should be legal. We start with thickened dye and spread it onto a screen. The idea is to have something interesting underneath the screen and the thickened dye will retain an image of that. Then we let the thickened dye dry. Next we began screening over the dry thickened dye with more thickener. What happens is that the original dye transfers to the cloth and as we continued screening, the image breaks down. Got that?

This is one of the fabrics. It's much easier to understand the process when you see it demonstrated. My explanation is overly simplified. If you want to see and learn, buy Kerr's DVD.

These are two more screens that are ready for printing. They both have thickened dye and are ready to go first thing tomorrow.

It's really, really hot here and we're doing a lot of work outside under a tent. Actually it's more like a sauna. After bending over a table all day and sweating like pigs, a few of my classmates took a break.