Friday, June 29, 2007

Quilt National and other stuff

The people at Quilt National have published an article explaining why they disqualified a work by Amy Orr from this year's QN. She violated the rule on prior publication by signing a release that allowed her work to be published, and it was. They are also investigating the publication of the piece of Nancy Erickson's that appears in the SAQA Portfolio, which was also prior to QN. The closing sentence on the article: "It undermines the integrity of the artists and the exhibition if the published rules are not applied equitably to each participant. "

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. If you are going to have rules, then everybody must follow them. On the other hand, if you have rules that become increasingly impossible to enforce, and when the un-enforcement reflects poorly on the organization, and when the enforcement makes the organization look disorganized, perhaps it's time to eliminate the rule.

QN's goal is to have a 'premier exhibition of new work'. As part of this rule, there is a cutoff date of about 2 years for when the work must be made. I think this is sufficient enough to guarantee new work; in actuality I would bet that most work entered in QN is made in the few months prior to the entry deadline. Who is going to hold back a good piece of work for two years waiting to enter it in QN? Do other prestigious shows have the same kind of prohibition against prior publication? I'm not familiar enough with the general art world to know for sure, but I'll bet not.

It seems to be important in the quilt world because people who go to quilt shows don't want to see the same pieces exhibited again and again. My rebuttal is that Quilt National is supposed to be better than the 'weekend' quiltshows and also, how many people who enter QN would enter those same quilts in a weekend pole and drape show where everything hangs inches from its neighbor?

And other stuff: I'm off for a week of teaching at CraftSummer at Miami University. I sure hope I've got all my supplies and my lesson plans work out and all the equipment works. Makes me quite anxious and gives me sleepless nights.


Mary Ann said...

On the other hand a weekend quilt show would never accept my quilt to hang next to theirs. My quilt was finished a month before the Quilt National deadline and no one saw it until it was unpacked at QN.
QN is quick to let you know if you are in or out so work that is aimed just for that venue can quickly entered in other competition if not accepted.
Hopefully you didn't think yours could have been where mine was!

Rayna said...

The rule is ridiculous. Period. I think everybody should boycott entering QN till they change it!

I'm off to teach with Kerr - leaving today, teaching tomorrow. She's doing deconstructed, I'm doing soy wax - what fun!! She is the best.

Have a good time teaching!

Gerrie said...

I am in total agreement with you and I think I agree with Rayna, too. However, I don't think anyone would know one way or the other if I boycotted entering - :).

Have a great time teaching.

Martha said...

The fact that QN's decision process is fast is beside the point. The enforcement of the rules is the point. It's sort of like only ticketing cars with out of state tags for traffic violations: fosters a disrespect for the rules and rulemakers in general. So allowing people to flout the rules is counter-productive.

And, it *is* a quilt show, however prestigious. I think we should be aiming for exposure in the greater art world.

And no, it's not sour grapes; I never enter.

Lisa Call said...

Who is going to hold back a good piece of work for two years waiting to enter it in QN?


My piece in QN 2003, which opened May 2003, was created in Dec 2002. My piece in QN 2005, opened May 2005, was created in May of 2004. My piece in QN 2007, opened this May, was completed the first few days in January 2006.

I didn't exhibit or publish these works anywhere until the show opened.

When I have a solo show I also hold back the work and don't enter the pieces all over the country and plaster it across the internet. I don't want everyone to say "oh I've seen all that - nothing new" when they come to see my solo shows.

It's about how I want to world to view my artwork.

Lisa Call said...

oops - wrong date - the QN 03 quilt was made dec 2001 not 2002.

Karoda said...

I agree with the 2 year rule since the goal of QN is to present cutting edge AND fresh work in Art Quilts. Although I wouldn't want to see a proliferation of this rule in other art venues and/or quilt shows, I think there is room for high brow and low brow to co-exist.

Alison Schwabe said...

The rules are the rules. I don't care what the rules are or what they become in the future; it is so prestigious that I will always enter. I felt just as honoured, proud and excited last october as I was the first time I was selected in '92. This time my piece is from an entirely new body of work, particularly affirming since I have been quietly working down here in Uruguay,experimenting and developing stuff without the supports that I would have had living back in Australia or up in the USA (see my blog for july 10 last)