Thursday, June 07, 2007


Time flies. I'm always amazed (and a little distressed) when I see how much time has passed since I previously posted. I've been packing for classes and it's been rather confusing. Next week I leave for QSDS where I'm taking a silk painting class and a deconstructive screen printing class. When I get back home from that I have 6 days and then I go to Miami University in Ohio for CraftSummer where I'm teaching 3 classes: thermofax screenprinting, dyeing, and machine quilting. What was I thinking? I need to ship my supplies to Ohio next week because waiting until I get back from QSDS is pushing it a little. So now I have boxes all over my studio and I'm going through supply lists and trying to keep my head straight, especially since there are alot of things that I will need in both places.

And then yesterday I decided that it would be fun to have some extra t-shirts to dye or print in those classes so I put in an order to Dharma Trading for t-shirts for me, onesies for new granddaughter, cute little dresses for the other 2 granddaughters, and camoflage t-shirts for my grandson. Dharma has already shipped and the box will be here on Monday.

And in addition to all the above, I need to prepare a design and order 43 t-shirts for our tri-ennial family reunion. My husband is the oldest of nine children and we have been going on family reunions once every three years since we moved out East from Chicago. The first time was in 1973, when my son was 3 months old, and there were only about 12 people. Now we're up to 43. And we've lost the original generation, but have added one at the other end. So we have the 9 children (with 8 spouses), 18 grandchildren (with 2 spouses and 1 significant other), and 5 great grandchildren. Although I guess that needs to be moved up a level to siblings, children, and grandchildren. One of the highlights of the week is a family picture where we all wear our t-shirts. One picture is a regular pose but then we do a "crazy picture" where everybody does something wacky. People spend the entire week thinking about their crazy selves. So here we are:

This is 1992.

1995. I couldn't find the crazy version.

1998. This is the last picture with my father-in-law. He died in 2000.

2001. My mother-in-law died within a month of this picture.

2004. Two more children have been born since this reunion.

I wonder what this year's picture will be like????

As to art....haven't had a chance to stitch for weeks. Arghh!

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