Thursday, June 21, 2007

More printing

Here is my design board with some of the fabric I've made these past few days. I have several more pieces batching, letting the dye set. I have screens already prepared for printing first thing tomorrow, which (I can't believe it) is our last day. Although I'm pretty wiped out and probably couldn't take too many more days of such intense work.

Yesterday afternoon we took time off and toured the various fabric shows. The QSDS Invitational is at the Cultural Arts Center. This is the show in which I have three pieces and I was delighted to see that one of my quilts greets the visitors as they come in through the front door.

After another show in Columbus and one in Lancaster, we went to Quilt National. As usual, I saw some pieces that I thought were quite impressive, some that were nice, and some that were head scratchers (and taking up space where my piece should have been). The first Quilt National I saw, back in 1993, I wasn't familiar with any of the artists. Now, I know quite a few of them personally. At least I'm hanging out in the right crowd.

One of the rules of entering a piece in Quilt National is that it cannot have been published or displayed in any show prior to QN. Several people have been disqualified even after being juried in for violating this rule. I heard that one work was pulled from this year's show because it was displayed on somebody else's web site, without the artist's knowledge. And yet Nancy Erickson's The Black Wolf, which is in QN, was published in the SAQA PAM Portfolio, published in the fall of 2006. Obviously, this has escaped the notice of the organizers of Quilt National. I feel it's grossly unfair for the rules to be applied so arbitrarily.

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Gerrie said...

I agree with you,Cathy. They need to get over this previously seen thing. I will bet their is more than one piece in the show that slipped through. It seems an impossible task to stay on top of this and be fair.
I have the book of this year's quilts and I totally agree about some of them making me scratch my head. Plus, some are the same old thing to me. I want to see something new!!

Great design wall.